Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training with Tash - 17 December 2008

Well being good we met up with Tash tonight for a training session. After the last session which ended up in a bit of a disaster I made the decision to train Miss Kenzie first tonight. I took her to the park around 5 for a solid game of ball as well so she wasn't quite as full on. It certainly paid off with a much less feral performance. She only tried to launch herself at me twice during all our training and when told off she did settle.

The session didn't quite go to plan. My plan for the session was 3 separate mini-sessions. Session 1 was to be some heelwork - anti-clockwise and clockwise circles rewarding with food.

Well circle heelwork was a no go. She kept crowding my leg and dictating the "circle". I did some straight line stuff instead which was really quite good. She even threw in a couple of absolutely stunning about turns which weren't really meant to happen the just did. I did manage a bit of circle heelwork. Her duration problem isn't attention so much as she just gets hard to manage as she gets under foot or launches.

Video of heelwork session 1:

Session 2 was to be duration positions/control work as well as restrained recalls. This session went more according to plan and I ended up doing sits and drops with me throwing the tuggy around and teasing her. She did pretty well, I lumped a bit and pushed it a bit far but I did get a lovely sit stay right at the end with some pretty good distance. I also had Tash hold her and we did 3 restrained recalls to the tuggy.

Video of session 2 is posted below:

The plan for the third session was Stand for Exam with me standing in front feeding her. She did well and was happy to stand there with me feeding intermittently and have Tash "examine" her. I also did a small amount of heelwork and by that stage she had settled even further and wasn't quite as crowded or dictating it quite as much.

She is certainly a little live wire when it comes to training. I just need to get my act together and train her some more :).

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