Monday, December 29, 2008

Training Thoughts

Today I had a chance to sit down and reflect on Kenzie's training (and to some extent Ness's). While try hard to not make comparisons between our kids the temptation is sometimes to great. Kenzie is an absolute star, retains what she is taught and gives me 200% every time we go and do something and I guess that leaves me somewhat frustrated with Ness's lack luster attitude on occasions. Well Kenzie guess what - my ability as a trainer has been shaped and has grown through having trained your big sister Ness. I am sure that is the reason you are such a success at whatever I try is because of what I have learnt training her.

So girls we are heading out on New Years Eve to the Gawler trial and we are just going to try and have fun in the ring - passing anything will be considered a bonus. After all what better way to spend the evening of your 27th Birthday but in the company of my two favourite furkids who mean the world (and of course your training buddy Tash and Riv hahahaha).

And yes Sandi you have probably said that to me a zillion times so this post is dedicated to all you have said :).

And please in 2009 may you both remain fit and well and with relatively few soreness issues. Kenzie I am expecting big things of you this coming year but most of all lets enjoy the journey.

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