Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Training Session with Tash 23 December 2008

With the big kids trialling obedience on New Years Eve just over a week away we got together for a final practice session before the trial.

We headed off to the main oval at Unley High School just for somewhere different. Well we set up all the UD gear and up show a family with a remote control car. They are buzzing it left right and center around the bottom of where we had the gear set up.

Any way I tried little Miss Kenzie with her first dog in a box. She was ok but a bit distracted. Funny thing she could be half distracted and still went and sat in the box. I also did some heelwork, setting up at the start peg and a few turns. Her heelwork was soooooo nice. She has the most wonderful working position and for a little girl who has never done turns before they were spot on from the very beginning.

I also did a bit of stay practice/Susan Garrett One Jump (on in her case no jump) work. She is a lovely little girl to train and I am looking forward to getting seriously stuck into her training in 2009 and hopefully commencing her trialling career :).

No videos from tonight.

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