Friday, March 22, 2013

After a horror week, a day of positives

Kenz started back on full dose carprofen on Monday after John got back to me regarding the outcome of having her on tramadol.

The agreement was to put her back on the maximum dosage till she was comfortable and then try and reduce the dosage incrementally again. Since originally she had 4 days at max dose that was what I decided to go with again this time around.

I won't say the week has been hassle free and easy. Its been tough going up until today. The usual club training round on Tuesday night saw Kenz battling with BCC. She managed to get through the exercises but was progressively losing focus and when I took her out the ring I saw her tongue was horrid shade of purple which is one of the precursors to a collapse episode.

The rest of the week has also been a bit of a struggle. Her apparent reduced threshold to collapse has meant a number of times we have all but managed 5 minutes at the park and even that seems like 5 minutes to long on occasion. She has also still been having huge lameness issues when I have so much as attempted a leash walk.

Today however was maybe a sign of better things. I took her back to the dog pool for a swim knowing its the only exercise she can have that I can relax over.

Well didn't she have an absolute blast. Comfortably managed 40 min with a lot of swimming in that time. Soooo nice to see my baby girl enjoying herself. I was a little hesitant when I saw her not putting 100% weight on her LH on the way back to the car and thought what is going to be around the corner.

However its now bedtime and I needn't have worried. She has since managed 2 feral walks to the oval and a training session in the yard, not to mention racing up and down the stairs on a whim. She even managed to come up the stairs at bedtime albeit with a lot of encouragement.

The other huge positive for the day is I also managed to cut off half a carprofen tablet from each dose without her looking any worse for it. Small steps forward. Down from 60mgs a day to 40mgs a day.

Now I just have to cross my fingers that the cooler weather sees a reduction in the frequency of the BCC episodes and also hope I can continue to reduce the NSAID dosage and she continues to remain as comfortable as she is currently.

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