Sunday, March 10, 2013

So the saga continues..........

So its been a week since my last post on the anti-inflam experiment. Kenz has remained on anti-inflams and John was back in touch later in the week to suggest trying to reduce the dosage. He still thinks the patella is part of the problem because if it was purely discomfort then she would be 100% while on the pain meds. At the moment Kenz is back to just one dose of 30mg carprofen once a day and I am suppose to keep reducing it as long as she is no worse.  I am also suppose to be trying to work out when she is lame if its because of the patella so its vet 101 for me.

I have tried to get Kenz to the beach as much as possible over this last week. Swimming and walking through shallow water are all good activities to try and improve the status of the luxation. Its been to hot for much else.

Unfortunately she has had a very rough time with 3 EIC episodes within 24 hours earlier in the week. Seriously frightening. On at least one of the occasions she was completely unable to stand :(.

A lot of soul searching and wondering whether its worth keeping her around or whether the kinder thing is to have her put to sleep.

At least the anti-inflams seem to be helping and she is continuing to manage more exercise then she had otherwise been managing.

We are messing around with the Rally stations and having a small amount of fun with some limited training. Have to be super careful with her though. Mega short sessions, lots of access to water and forcing her to drink to try and avoid her running in to issues.

The not so good news is that after happily coming upstairs last night when she hadn't had her evening dose, tonight she stopped at the bottom and wouldn't come up for anything in the world.

I do no differently so I can only presume its pain related. So frustrating. I guess this means she is back on the max dose until I can speak to John about where to go with things now :(.

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