Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 4 day tramadol trial

Well I am not going to say the situation is great its just not. She is almost certainly worse on the tramadol then she was on the anti-inflams :(. One night she has needed carrying upstairs because she hasn't been able to walk, the most she can manage is a quick 15 min walk around the block and even that is a struggle and we have to stop.

She is spending a lot of time in her crate dead to the world and that really sucks.

We had some quite significant RH lameness so I can only presume the patella situation is deteriorating :(. Its a bit of a catch 22 if she won't exercise she will continue to lose muscle and the patella situation will continue to worsen.

Another day on just tramadol and then we shall see what John wants to try next :(.

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