Thursday, March 28, 2013

A rehab plan and a conversation via FaceTime

Yesterday I decided to message one of the canine rehab people in the states who also happens to work out of a specialist centre and has posted some canine rehab videos to youtube which I have come across in my quest to find information to help Kenz. A guy by the name of Robby Porter with SuperPan the BC.

He very kindly offered a real time video chat to go through some of what I had mentioned and suggest a few things which may be of assistance to Kenz's recovery.

He discussed what the general view is on patella luxations and that grade 2 normally does require surgery. He was a little surprised that no x-rays had been taken. We went over Kenz's lameness/soreness history and he mentioned the possibility of an iliopsoas strain which would be consistent with some of the symptoms Kenz is experiencing and not out of the expected with her history of issues in the last 2 years. He also mentioned it wasn't especially easy to diagnose and lots of specialists miss it.

The comment on the meds was that as they are helping there is clearly more then just mechanical lameness in place. He also said that while she was on the meds was a perfect time to start the rehab exercises.

We had a chat about assessing exercise and the core factors to consider during planning rehab of speed/duration/frequency. The comment was to look at how she is the following day and make an assessment as to whether I can add more or whether I need to reduce it.

The comment was if at any stage in recovery a dog is not improving weekly then there is something wrong and it needs to be considered further.  He also commented that she should have been fully back to normal at 6 months post-op.

On the area of rehab apparently swimming is not especially good in rehabbing stifle issues and walking through shallow water is really only useful if its below the stifle.

The suggested exercise were: treadmill tricks which can be used to elongate the quads/a reverse 2o/2o, squats with and without props to increase the range of motion required and the Sylvia Trckman hide trick.

Kenz started this afternoon with the reverse 2o/2o trick of which the video is posted below.

Tonight I am eternally grateful for the generosity of his help and at least I feel as I can take some control over the situation. He has also volunteered he is happy for another conversation in a couple of weeks time if I wish.

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