Friday, March 29, 2013

Rehab Day 2

Well so far the new combination of tramadol and carprofen twice daily seems to be helping more then anything else. Bedtime saw Kenz have no issue racing upstairs last night. Similarly another first in many many months - Kenz happily jumped on my bed first thing in the morning.

We tried another session of her reverse 2o2o and she is nailing that and we just keep adding height with each session :). Its easy enough to see when its obviously hurting and she has done enough and trying to remember to keep things short and not do much is always my biggest short coming with training.

Unfortunately both walks today have been a little bit of a disaster. She really struggled. Poor little girl something obviously hurts so very very much. I wish I could be 100% certain its her patella coming out but its not quite that straight forward.

Starting to wonder if I should cut the walks completely but not sure since she is otherwise so feral with so much energy to burn. Hmmm more thinking to do I suspect. 

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