Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another evening from hell......

After more emails with John - Kenz started on a combination of carprofen and tramadol twice daily on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday evening we had a definite what I think was patella slipping type episode.  I had my hand on her LH knee while I was putting a cool coat on her and I actually think I felt it move. A little strange as I don't think she was actually "doing anything" at the time however I felt something move which didn't appear normal.

My more worrying concern is what happened yesterday.

Kenz had a really nasty collapse type episode at the park yesterday evening which doesn't even fit her normal BC collapse episodes. It wasn't warm. She had been running around fine prior to it happening maybe 5 minutes or so. All seemed fine she hadn't slowed up/started having a purple tongue or showing any signs that she wasn't coping.

I had been keeping an eye on Ness only to turn around and see Kenz with a fairly significant head tilt and then she went wobbly and crashed.

My first assumption was it was just the "usual" for her and went to grab Ness and leash her so I could carry Kenz home. Normally Kenz tries to get up and take a few rather wobbly steps towards me and will then lay down panting again mostly with her head up.  She was flat on her side and didn't even lift her head.

I carried her home went through the usual post-collapse regime which means I cooled her off, forced her to drink fluids and then she basically lay completely on her side on the slate for a good 40 min. Her usual length of recovery is significantly shorter more like 20 minutes. Normally she would be fully recovered with no residual lameness or soreness.

Interestingly she did manage to walk up the stairs last night so the combination of tramadol and carprofen is working better so far then the 20mg of carprofen alone or the tramadol. Previously even on the carprofen alone I had resorted to carrying her up in the evening.

Kenz had been asleep for about an hour and then my brother came home and she obviously woke up and desperately wanted to go and greet him. She wasn't able to walk down the stairs and when I let the girls out for a toilet break before bringing them back up she was significantly more sore and stiff since then when the shoulder was treated. Not only definite front end soreness/lameness but her back end seemed seriously problematic.

She certainly was a little worse for wear considering she actually hasn't done a huge amount yesterday.

Any way this morning she was super lethargic and wasn't super keen when I took them out this morning mostly she is sleeping a lot and had a seriously bad upset tummy. She still seems to have a reasonable appetite though.

Based on all of this and the fact we are in for a 4 day long weekend I sent an email off to John who responded that he had forwarded it to Ian. So now I am desperately awaiting Ian's response and a little unsure as to whether I should continue the pain meds. I did give her her usual meds tonight and she had no issues with the stairs and raced straight up.

A little more happened today of importance but I will save that for a second blog post.

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