Monday, March 16, 2009

CBS Training Week 4 Should I Shouldn't I?

Just returned home from CBS training week 4 after a break due to a public holiday last Monday. I have to say I have returned home from class tonight with a bit of a mixed view on whether its worth continuing.

Kenzie was doing really well before class approaching people and dogs. Maybe she is maturing and finally growing out of some of her fear issues.

Class tonight - we started with some targeting while waiting for Deb to finish her first session induction class. I decided I would do a bit of heeling and recalls with Kenzie instead. Her heelwork is lovely but her fronts need work on her recalls as she comes rocketing in and those darn defective Winpara brakes kick in LOL. Also did some sendaway to her mat work and she was happily racing to her mat and the mat was sliding out from underneath her hahaha.

Deb showed up and we had to get the dogs to target the metal bucket from before as well as a new plastic basket type container. Kenzie readily offered her perch work trick when presented with an object she could conceivably put paws on.

Next up we placed both objects and our target sticks out and had the dog interact with each on command. Kenzie was great as usual.

We then moved to an area which had small kiddy plastic chairs as well as the metal bucket and the baskets. We were to heel the dog around and then have them interact with the objects when requested. Kenzie immediately offered two paws up on the kiddy chair and started her perch work trick. Think I can safely say that is well and truely generalised. There was also a plastic bag in the mix which we had to get them to target. Again no real drama there.

Back to the chairs and we had the dog hold and retrieve a foam ring off a coits set. Kenzie thought that was the best game and was happy to retrieve it with nothing other than a chance to throw it again as a reward. I took the opportunity to razz her up and then place the ring down and click and reward the wait.

Also did some sit stays. She was nice and rock solid tonight. Happy with me walking away, shaking her tuggy and even got to the point where I could start to walk towards a formal return without her budging - yee har :).

We played with the kiddy tunnel - Kenzie is of course an old hand at this one but even she thought she could run past it and then duck back in the end or she was to fired up to concentrate and would run past. No problem with driving through it though.

Tricks - well she was happy doing a drop from a stand but the rest she wasn't so great at. I think I have been trying to push distance rather than rewarding the response to the command so need to work at that.

Also need to decide on my unique behavior - have a couple of thoughts but need to finalise one before next week.

So where does that leave me - general observations are that by about 3/4 of the way through class I am exhausted and Kenzie is as well. I am giving her 100% and expect 100% in return so not sure what to do. Her training is great but I am not sure we are getting anywhere and its hard as she can easily do a lot of the work. I don't believe the class is helping her with her real issues which are the fact she is timid of people.

Guess I am not sure where to go from here. I am keen to build her trial type behaviors which obviously this class will not do but also don't want her burning out and working when either of us aren't able to give 100%.

Hoping to put her in the ring at SA soon and also intend on entering the mock trial at Dover this weekend just so I can see what I need to work on and how she reacts and get a gauge on how we are progressing. She is a little dynamite though and loves her games and just thinks training is one huge game.

So the question is should I or shouldn't I continue training at CBS - argh I hate decisions and this one is certainy a tough one!!!!

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