Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show Training at the Rottie Club

Well just for something different tonight and to give Kenzie a chance to get a bit more socialisation in we headed down to the Rottie Club tonight for show training.

I was extremely happy with how she behaved. We had to stack them and then the first instructor would examine them. Kenzie was unsure but she let her get within a few feet without freaking :). Then we had to gait them out and back or in a triangle or around in a circle and stack them up again.

They then switched instructors and we repeated it. Kenzie was even better with Narelle. She actually approached her without freaking out. She crouched on the ground the first time and Kenzie tentively sniffed her hand and then let her touch her while I was feeding.

Teegan also did a bit of touching her while she was standing and she was good.

Had to laugh I know why I am not ever intending on doing CCD with her. The lead just gets in the way. She was a bit of a pogo and pretty feral kept trying to jump up and grab the lead when gaiting. She also tried to pull me so she could run around the cones in each of the corners.

Oh well a bit of fun and she certainly got exposure to a variety of dogs and people and some trains as the train line runs right past the ground.

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