Monday, March 23, 2009

CBS Training Week 5

Well I will say I wasn't entirely convinced about going tonight. I was tired and I thought Kenzie was pretty buggered to. We had gone to the dog pool as normal and I just didn't feel like going.

In any event we did decide to show up. Kenzie had a lovely run with a mini schnauzer that was there when we arrived :).

Class tonight - lets see first up we had to heel them in a weaving pattern around some upturned plastic baskets and then have them paw or nose target the foam dice at the end. Kenzie did some lovely attentive work and gave me a lovely 2 paw touch on the dice.

I did get a bit of demand barking while we were hanging around though waiting our turn.

We repeated the basket exercise but this time we didn't have to weave just heel the dogs up to the end and have them target the dice and then heel back and target another dice at the other end. Kenzie didn't target this second dice correctly so got a NRM. She offered a one paw and then dropped on the cone.

I did some circle work with her for agility and switching sides while we were waiting our turn.

Then we did some work on holding novel objects - the plastic handle on a bucket and a coit. No problems getting her to mouth the plastic handle and the coit was easy.

We did some work on distance tricks - so sits/drops/twists/spins/backing. Linking them without rewarding each behavior. Not entirely happy with her cue rate. She has a nice drop and sit at a distance but the rest she still needs a bigger lure then I would like.

Worked some duration stands as I really need her to get a handle on this so I can start teaching a SFE to get her ready for trialling.

Next Deb placed packets of dried liver on each of the up turned plastic baskets and had us repeat the heeling up and back and having them touch the dice.

Finally we finished with having them walk over 2 body boards wrapped in plastic. Kenzie was apprehensive about this however oddly enough when we had finished she kept trying to go back to them so obviously wasn't to concerned.

Not a bad night and I really do need to make sure I get this demand barking in check though. I was paying her for lying quietly on her mat and walking away and ignoring her if she started barking.

I finished up with a really really short bit of off-lead heelwork. She was lovely and attentive but that isn't unsual :).

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