Monday, March 30, 2009

CBS Training Week 6 - Still Undecided

Other news first. Took Kenzie to our normal vet today to book her in to desexed next week and happened to pop her on the scales and on those scales she was 13.5kg so maybe she hasn't actually dropped weight after all. Off to the pool this afternoon and she seems to have really taken to swimming.

Now to training tonight. I am just not sure what I should be doing. Positives for tonight though were that she seemed much more outgoing with people and other dogs. In fact she tried twice to disappear over to see Karron, one minute she was on her mat next thing she has started sneaking off - not only has she corrupted Ness but seems to have corrupted Kenzie as well. Not that that I consider it a bad thing though. She seemed quite willing to approach people tonight and sit for treats.

We did some heelwork to start with and Kenzie was slightly distracted by Riv. Hmmmm no idea what planet she was on tonight but I guess I wasn't entirely with it either.

Then we moved on to buckets and holding the handle. I was getting nice firm grips so I thought I would throw in her metal article and yee har she was giving nice strong firm grips on her article too. Although the moment I drop it down towards the ground she starts to struggle so I think it will be a case of mm by mm. Still we have progress.

We played the basket game again this week. Having them touch the dice and then weaving in and out upturned baskets. The difference though was that the last basket had treats placed on it. Kenzie had no problems with this and did some nice tight heelwork for me.

On the recall exercise we worked on the final behavior. Not sure what I will make it yet but tempted to leave it has having her run through my legs.

We then had to walk them over the body boards like last week and Kenzie was still a bit spooked but did put a paw on them.

So that was another class for another week. I also got Tash to hold Kenzie for a restrained recall while we were waiting for Deb to finish with the introductory talk.

I am really not sure what to do. I don't think we are learning a hell of a lot and I am a bit over it to be quite honest. Its not helping Kenzie with her issues she has and the rest is just tricks of which I train anyway.

The only thing I keep telling myself is at least this way Kenzie gets a training session each week which she would otherwise not get.

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