Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Green Light

With little Miss Kenzie one week short of 12 months I decided since Ness needed to see the chiro I would take her along just to make sure all was in place. I was given the green light to go ahead and start increasing her agility training. Yee Har. My little baby is ready to start to learn to jump :). She was great at the chiro. Actually tried to pull me into the office :). She was nice and calm and content whilst I had her tied up and he was sorting Ness out.

She was a bit timid when it was her turn but let him do what needed to be done. He checked her over and said she was 100% and he really couldn't find anything to much wrong. A few minor niggly tightness bits but should resolve in their own time.

So now I have to organise getting her desexed and then give her time to recover from that before I start getting seriously into her training :).

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