Sunday, March 8, 2009

Susan Salo Jump Grids 8 March 2009

Well what better way to spend the middle day of a long weekend other than playing with the girls. We started out the day with a lovely walk/swim/retrieving session at the beach. Bumped into another DOL person with there two rough collies Luka and Molly. Kenzie had a lovely game with Luka :).

Kenzie was having a mad feral morning so after we got back from an outing to petstock I thought I would set up a bend grid as well as do some set point work. Compared to her attitude when we played in January she was soooo driven. She was happily completing the bend grid in both directions without hassle. Whereas before when we played she was really hesitent and unsure about what she was suppose to be doing this time she did fantastically. I finished up with some set point work. Again she was lovely. Really driving to get to her toy and accelerating forward. Keen, eager and so very enthusiastic. I was using her jolly ball as the reward which she just loves :). Still need to do some more work on her sit stays though as she was a bit too keen and sometimes would release herself rather than wait for a release from me.

Finished up the session with just rewarding her for offering to drive forward over the jump and building value for the jump.

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