Sunday, April 12, 2009

2x2 Weaving Update and a Fun Video

Well since I decided to change my tactic today I don't actually have any of my 2x2 sessions from today on video. By the time I can be bothered stuffing around with organising the video I find I am tempted to make my sessions to long to justify having got it out. Instead today I decided I would just do have half a dozen attempts whenever we had the opportunity. If I went outside and Kenzie came and found me with her toy we would do some. Think we might have had as many as 4-5 separate sessions day. This morning we started with a truckload of misses. Especially when I asked for harder entries on the right and left hand side. I started with 2 sets of poles from the begining. She would get stuck with what set she had to enter on if I got up around the middle of the 2 sets and would try and run straight for the second set. She was having a fair number of failures before she would get it right and then not seem to make the connection and go back to getting it wrong. I moved the poles close to competition distance still rotated at 2 and 8 o'clock. It was all a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she would enter at the second set. Other times she would run around the first set. I changed toys frequently and she was happy working for whichever toy I got out of the toy box.

Towards the middle of the afternoon I decided to rotate the poles to 1 and 7. Still getting about the same success rate on the entries. Then we had a break through. She went from needing 4-5 attempts before nailing the entry and then not being sure to missing maybe once or twice and then clueing in to what she was suppose to do and had no trouble from then on. Yee Har. Lots of breakthrough moments happening.

The final session just after tea I had them at 1/7 o'clock practically at competition spacing plus a little bit and she was nailing so very nice high on the arc difficult right hand side entries. Interesting she struggles a bit with the high on the arc left hand side because she accelerates to hard and then can't bring herself back into the second set of poles. Having said that by the end of the session tonight she wasn't having to many issues.

Tomorrow I will try and get some on video and possibly head to a different location and do a bit with her. Either move them to the front yard or jump in the car and head to the park for a session.

Since I have no 2x2 video to post I thought I would post up a fun video I made this afternoon of her playing with her enduroball.

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