Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday's Training Session

Finally had a chance to upload both my sendaway session and my 2x2 weaving session from Friday afternoon. Didn't get to yesterday as was off agility trialling all day.

This is maybe her second 2x2 but first one I have put on video so I labelled it session 1. She did a tiny bit on 2 poles when I got my poles back in January. I also gave her another 2x2 session on Wed night. She had half a dozen repetitions out at club since we had set them up for the big kids to practice on and I collected my poles back from Tash.

Just for completeness I went back to Stage 1 and 2 to include in the video.

Any way here is the 2x2 video:

And here is the hoop sendaway video:

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