Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have Faith in Ones Self

Sometimes you have to have a bit of faith in your own ability. 2 days out from Sue trip over for the seminars and maybe I need to cut myself a bit of slack and have a bit of belief that I know what I am doing when it comes to training the kids. I am not to let anybody get to me this coming weekend (Sandi's orders LOL)

Any way I am on cloud nine with Kenzie's work ethic at the moment. She put in some lovely obedience last night - recalls, heelwork, COP drop. So much so somebody came over to ask how old she was and couldn't believe she wasn't older.

Tonight we went to agility training. Kenzie did some very lovely work and I am so chuffed with her. Her circle work is falling in to place and she is just a joy to train. She gives 110% to the task at hand. We have been doing some weave pole work and today I was able to get her doing 4 poles with very little rotation and nailing entries that were out of this world and pretty impressive for a green baby dog. She has lovely driven weavers and I am hoping its a sign of things to come.

I introduced her to the lowered scramble tonight. She very quickly was offering a 2o/2o and staying in position until given her release command. She did better then I expected since we have lots of target work still to do before I can make progress with her contacts.

She has no problems driving ahead through flexi tunnels. Her start line stays are looking great. She let me do a 1 bar lead out and quite happily drove hard when given her release command and came straight over the jump. She seems very responsive to body language and I am thrilled to bits with her.

Lots to be grateful for tonight and my little shinning star has so much potential. Sometimes I think we haven't trained an aweful lot or as much as I had planned but what she does she does very well. I hope there is lots of good things to come from my little munchkin and at the moment I am enjoying her antics.

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