Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday - 2x2 Weaving goes High Def

Spent two wonderful mornings at the beach and Kenzie has had a ball swimming and retrieving. No signs of being anxious or freaking despite lots of kids and people and other dogs being at the beach.

Any way since the video camera decided to die a sorry death on Wednesday and because I am to impatient to wait for it to be sorted (and I have been looking for an excuse anyway), I went out today and bought a brand new spiffy high definition video camera (Canon Legria HF20). They have only been out in the shops a few days so I was particularly happy to get it for a reasonable price.

To christen the purchase I thought I would try another 2x2 weaving session with Miss Kenzie as well as video some work we have been doing on the "Bang" Game using the little puppy see-saw we have borrowed.

So here we have it the first of my HD videos - 2x2 Weaving 11 April 2009 :) Doesn't look much different when uploaded to youtube - think thats due to the compression when I exported it. Will try some different options later.

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