Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much Perkier Kenzie

Well hard to believe it was just over 24 hours since she had what might be considered fairly major surgery. She has been feral and back to her usual tricks. She did settle in her crate for a reasonably long sleep in the middle of the day but other than that she has required supervision to make sure she doesn't do damage to herself. She did get two shortish leash walks today and that seemed to settle her a bit. We also tried a session on crate games for something different but all she wanted to do was stay in her crate when I released her. Hmmmm not sure that is the point of it.

Any way both girls were posing on the bed tonight so I thought I would post a couple of photos I managed to snap.

She is turning into a lovely gorgeous happy little soul.

First up Ness and Kenzie:




Now a couple of variations on the one photo - not sure which I prefer yet.

Black and white:




Contrast and Exposure adjusted:


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