Monday, April 6, 2009

CBS Training 6 April 2009

I left Ness home tonight and took Kenzie training alone for the first time. Well apparently Ness flipped at home and Kenzie spooked at training crying.gif . I don't think it was due to Ness not being there. All was fine until we started class. She had been happily approaching people/dogs etc. Playing with another BC pup that was there.

Class was fine until Karron, one of the assistant instructors, came over and she just took off in a blind panic. We had been working on retrieving objects and putting them into a basket. I had thrown the ball for Kenzie to retrieve and Karron was parallel to where the ball was. Kenzie has issues with people being near the ball. Karron picked the ball up and threw it towards her and she took off. We think what happened was that she approached from right behind one of the main light posts. I went to take after her and then thought stupid thing to chase her when she is scared so I actually ran in the opposite direction and got her chasing me and then grabbed her.

The rest of the class I spent trying to settle her and we didn't bother with much training. Basically I spent the session playing with her until she was comfortable enough to go back and lay quietly on her mat watching the rest of the class. First she wouldn't play or take treats and ran as far as the fence. I slowly got her back so she was happier.

Looked like she had done her back end in as she was really walking funny too. Any way finally get her laying chewing on her treat while the class is doing class stuff.

We did manage to do some heelwork when they were doing that and she was back moving fine and switched on again. Left it at that tonight though.

She went over and happily approached the person who spooked her after class this time in a better lit area, she also had a look at her and she seems to be moving ok.

Bit of a disaster really.

I did get a chance to run it by her breeder later who thinks part of the issue is that she is gearing up to come back in to season again so the sooner she is desexed the better. Thankfully she is booked in for the following Tuesday.

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