Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SAODC Training 7 April

Ness did a lovely UD round and since they had set up a CCD/Novice ring and Keith was along I thought I would put Kenzie through a round. She had been working very nicely outside the ring. Lovely precise heelwork, great recall, nice novice COP.

Went to put her into the ring tonight and she flipped again. Two nights in a row. This time it was another person she knows and accepts.

So she went from one moment doing some really nice work to completely flipping out. I am at my wits ends with her at the moment.

In the end Keith said to try her on-lead I did a bit and she worked nicely and then flipped again. Keith suggested he give her some treats and she was super cautious but at least took them. She then wouldn't have a bar of anything else training wise. I took her into the ring with nobody there but she was on another planet.

I let her have a bit of a play with another pup and that was fine but she was still to spooked to do any work. Bugger she has so much potential its so sad to see her act so stressed.

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