Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bang Game and other Agility Musings......

Tonight we had agility training. I took Kenzie's weavers out as I only intended on doing a very small session with Ness on contacts and weaving so figured I would do some stuff with Kenzie.

My aim for Kenzie after she has freaked the last two nights was for her to be happy, confident and most of all have fun.

She was having a great time doing her "weaving". We started out with just the 2 poles. I am still getting the occasion backdoor entry or run around the weavers. I find she much prefers to be sent from a distance to me crowding her. She also is still having a few hassles with the extreme entries. Her normal entries are pretty good. I introduced the second set of poles as I have done at home but she then struggles with the more complicated entries. She was better when there was some distance to run to the first set of poles otherwise she thinks she has to enter in the second set. Oh well its a work in progress and she is really enjoying herself. It was interesting to see there was no real difference between what she does at home and what she did at training with the increased space available so its not that which is causing the problem. Will have to have a bit of a think.

We worked on flexi tunnels, both on the big kids course (bugger of a dog was happy to run through it and then proceeded to run back through it from the other end - tunnel suck already oops). I took her over to where they run the beginners class and she did a lowish table (another first) set at 300. We did the tunnel a few times. I also tried running her over a jump and through their straight flexi tunnel. She got frustrated though and jumped up on me after the jump before doing the tunnel.

I took her off and we did some recall/stay work and circle running (inside and outside circles). Her inside circles are still very much at a walk otherwise she tries to cut me off.

After viewing the InFocus dvd about starting the dogs with the see-saw I thought I would jump on the opportunity tonight when I noticed a) that the intermediate class had the small see-saw out and b) that it wasn't being used. Basically we started playing the 'bang' game. I was paying and rewarding any interaction with the see-saw whether it was her placing a foot on it, jumping on it etc. I encouraged her to put her paws up on the lower stationary part before the tip point but I also held it and asked her for paws up on the higher part of the board. She did really very well. Was happy to offer putting paws up on the board. I started with me holding the high end so it wouldn't bang or move. We progressed to her having her paws on it and me lowering it slowly and rewarding for varying lengths of time while she kept her front paws on it. She was starting to get really quite confident and I had razzed her up and she offered jumping on it and it banged fully. Thought given the events of the past 2 nights that might freak her out a bit but I didn't react and while her next approach was slightly more tentitive she quickly was back to being confident in the game. Will keep playing with it on and off but I think some of the paw targeting work at CBS is paying off :).

I also did a bit of work on the cloth tunnel. Only having her work on the shadecloth bit. Didn't want to push my luck as her confidence was running on a high and I wanted it to stay that way. Came home before anything bad could happen.

Very good night of training and much more like the Kenzie I am use to compared to the past 2 nights.

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